Tips before you sell

Do you need a clearance certificate from the ATO?

Australian residents who sell a property for $750,000 or more will require a clearance certificate from the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) prior to settlement to state that there is no foreign interest in the property. Without a clearance certificate, purchasers are required to remit 12.5% of the purchase price to the ATO.

If you believe you may achieve $750,000 or above for the sale of your property, it is best to apply for your clearance certificate ahead of time. There is no cost to obtain the certificate. However, certificates can take up to 28 days to obtain. For more information from the ATO site click here

Preparing your property for sale

Here is a checklist to ensure your property is well prepared for sale and looking its best. Everything is optional but every little thing helps – especially since presentation plays a large part in achieving the best price for your property.


  • Lawns mowed (and regularly watered), hedges trimmed. Over grown shrubbery can age a property and detract from the main focus – being your house
  • Clean the pool and ensure the water level is full and clear
  • Remove or pack away any outdoor items that are broken or worn like children’s play equipment, BBQs or furniture
  • Regularly clean up after your pets
  • Consider using a pressure hose to wash down outdoor surfaces (driveways, pavers, pergola areas) to make them sparkle
  • Attend to any known and obvious maintenance items. These will inevitably be uncovered during inspections or a buyer’s building and pest inspection. Best to tackle these before they become a barrier to your sale
  • Have your pool fence certified. It is a legal requirement that pool fences are certified when sold. Otherwise, there is a clause allowing buyers to have a pool inspection which can become a ‘get-out’ clause in your contract


  • Clean your home or have it cleaned. Consider having carpets steam cleaned – especially if you have pets or are a smoker
  • De-clutter. Let the features of your home shine through. Pack away excess appliances.
    Kitchen and bathroom counter tops should be as clear as possible.
  • Remove evidence of pets inside your home. We love animals but some buyers find this to be a negative. If possible, hide away pet items and bedding when you have inspections
  • Replace any blown lightbulbs
  • Attend to any known or obvious maintenance items